NWSRA partners with local schools to provide outstanding Leisure Education experiences for students with disabilities. Below are links to the Leisure Education paperwork:

Emergency Information Sheet Final Evaluation Goals Form
LED Financial Assistance Application Revenue Sheet

Below are registration forms and waivers for the Leisure Education program:

Registration Form in English Registration Form in Spanish
Waiver in English Waiver in Spanish

Feedback from the teachers:

“Students learned teamwork skills, how to work together and how to participate in leisure time activities. They all received the opportunity to partake in fun, new and engaging activities. They cooperated together, socialized and reinforced learning from the classroom environment.”- teacher at Greenbrier Elementary School

“I think it is beneficial for our students to be able to interact and participate in activities in the community. I thought the bowling trip really helped in teaching the skill of “waiting your turn.” My class LOVED rhythmic movement- I would recommend that to anybody especially with a younger group!”- teacher from Nathan Hale Elementary School

“I believe the students have shown growth from each activity that they have participated in; not only in just the activity, but the experience of leaving the school to go out into the community.”- teacher from Rupley Elementary School

“Throughout our various trips, the students had the opportunity to not only develop skills with particular leisure areas but also build on their communication and social skills with peers their own age. It was great to see them participating in activities which they enjoyed and loved!”- teacher from Windsor Elementary School

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